“Why all economists? And why all from the global North? It’s 2018, and I just think that that’s not acceptable anymore. It’s about balance.”

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Episode notes

Alex is an independent researcher who strives to build better bridges between the global North and South, promoting constructive dialogue and putting power imbalances higher on the agenda than they currently sit.

This is a tough ask in a sector that is pretty much defined by imbalances — between those who pay, and those who are supposed to benefit. And also has its more than its share of old-fashioned  attitudes to human resources.

In a wide-ranging discussion we exchange on a range of topics, including:

  • how and where people from the global South are involved in the development system, and what needs to shift;
  • the ethical challenge for individuals of resisting bias and bad practices, in contexts where institutional and legal frameworks can be very weak;
  • the #AidToo movement and how this relates to wider struggles with gender equality in the development sector;
  • what an informal platform like this podcast can contribute.