“It was a painful experience to watch him die an avoidable death because he did not want to be treated as less human. Because they didn’t show him the honour and respect that he deserved.”

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Episode notes

“OBB” is a Nigerian public health professional and advocate who works with the LGBT population, drug users, sex workers, and the HIV-positive.

His work can only be described as a calling, in an often very difficult context. The Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2013 was a step in the wrong direction, and alongside this there is a great deal of pushback from cultural and religious institutions.

We discuss a number of practical and personal points, including:

  • How to keep moving forward despite regressive legal frameworks, and in some cases powerful local institutions, that oppose the vision & mission.
  • Sustaining motivation and momentum within an institution, during a period when the policy trends seem to be going backwards.
  • The practicalities of service delivery for marginalised populations in a developing-country context.
  • What 18 years of this work has taught him about people, including the ones who populate large bureaucracies.