“I can always travel the world, and try to save the world. But it’s my own space that I need to learn to save first, and to work on.”

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Episode notes

Jean-Paul is part of the generation that was fundamentally shaped by the Lebanese civil war, but had no responsibility for it. In his words, when he left the country in 2006 after the brief and calamitous war with Israel, he never wanted to come back.

While abroad, however, he found a sense of agency and possibility. He did come back, and founded an organisation called Peace Labs, which aims to facilitate the difficult conversations that need to happen if the country is to move forward.

We unpack that complicated personal journey, asking:

  • Why he went abroad to focus on international relations and peace studies, but then came back to focus on where he started;
  • What it takes at a personal level to engage directly with some of the toughest issues, in your own communities;
  • Why he undertook the risks and difficulties of starting a new organisation, and a different way of doing things.