“Who are we refugees? People with multiple identities, who are actually better prepared to become citizens of the global system.”

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Episode notes

Teame teaches at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol, and has consulted on education policy in a range of different countries.

He is an Eritrean who obtained political asylum in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s, completed his PhD there, and has been extraordinarily active in supporting refugees and international students.

For more you can find the biography Long Way from Adi Ghehad on Amazon.

Topics discussed:

[02:15] Early life in the village; school and political activism in Asmara. Doing his part in a very difficult situation.

[07:45] Going abroad for a PhD in the United Kingdom, obtaining political asylum during the Mengistu years in Ethiopia, and making it through graduate school by hook or by crook.

[12:00] Early efforts to broaden international understanding in Thatcher-era Britain. Talking about Eritrean culture with primary school students.

[16:00] Staying engaged with the Eritrean independence struggle; experiences with the rapid decline of post-independence government, and what can really be done under authoritarian regimes.

[27:15] Current prospects in Eritrea, with ongoing liberalisation in Ethiopia. What would really be required for the country to move forward.

[34:00] The role and responsibilities of a graduate institution in the rich world “looking southward”. How public institutions in the south can most usefully “look northward”.

[56:05] A few bad experiences as a refugee in the UK. The special background and potential of refugees despite that (occasional) negativity.

[1:04:45] Formative books and education experiences for Teame himself, over a very long career in teaching about education.