“She spent seven years of savings to travel to Syria. You can imagine the propaganda of ISIS people, bringing Syria into her house. Bringing it into her mind.”

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Episode notes

Dete is a researcher and activist whose work revolves around in-depth, interview-based research with people detained for terrorism offences, and their families. This includes special focus on women as both partners and protagonists.

The results are used to inform dialogue with the Indonesian government and its international partners, along with targeted work to increase resilience to recruitment into vulnerable groups, and re-recruitment of former detainees.

We discuss the ins and outs of how she approaches this work. Amongst other issues:

  • How do you get access to these people, and build trust with both government and detainees?
  • What do they actually say? What do they say when we take them seriously and listen to what is really going on for them?
  • What brings women into these groups? And why has this become much more prominent in recent years?